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Parker Esse, The Broadway Master Class Series, Artistic Director

Our Dream

The Broadway Master Class Series was created with one dream; to bring an Excellence in Arts Education through Broadway Masters, to the Young Aspiring Artists that will continue to be the future and our Broadway Legacies.

Our Broadway Masters have all “been there”.  They were all Young Aspiring Artists at one time in their lives and know the dedication and hard work it took to obtain their dream of becoming a Broadway Master.  Each and every Broadway Master understands the importance of Arts Education and helping others to reach their goals.

It is our dream to reach out and inspire Young Artists to continue on their path of living their dreams, by sharing our experiences and offering the mentorship and networking that plays a crucial part in the success of Young Aspiring Artists.

Thank you for giving our Broadway Masters the opportunity to share their dreams of giving back, with you!

Sample Workshop Outline

Our Workshop Outline:


Every day our students will experience an exciting and varied class schedule to maximize their Broadway Master experiences.  We want them to have the opportunity to learn from as many of our Broadway Masters as possible during their time with us.


For Full Day Worlkshops (specialty, half day and weekend workshops will vary):


Our Morning Sessions will be filled with exciting classes helping students to gain confidence in their natural abilities, skills and technique!   We will explore Dance, Acting, Vocal Performance and Vocal Technique.  


Our Afternoon Session will vary depending on the Workshop  being offered.  Sometimes we will offer Audition Technque Classes, specialty One on One or Small Group sessions.  These may consist of a Mock Audition with Dance,  a Monologue or Sides Class, 16 Bars of your best audition song class, Q and A times, or private coaching.  During the week we will also hold smaller Group Sessions with our Broadway Masters.  These sessions will offer our students personal feedback on their progress during the Workshop.  We may also offer students “What to Wear” and “How to Prepare” classes.  Sometimes, we may offer Experts to discuss the College Audition Process, for our older students, who are getting ready to take this next step.


The week may end with a second Mock Audition putting new skills to the test, a final "Work In Progress" session where parents/family/friends may join us for a few selected hours as a "fly on the wall" to observe your student(s) in action, or a special "Broadway Master Presentation" with a very "special guest" Broadway Master. 

Sample Schedule:


Our Students will begin their day with Broadway Master Classes in

Acting, Dance (Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Broadway Musical Theater Styles), and Vocal Performance Classes.

12pm – 12:30:

Bring your own “On Campus” lunch

12:30pm – 4:45pm

* Continuing Class Schedule


* Broadway Master Mock Audition Series Classes will take place.

* Special Broadway Master Spotlights will take place.

* Small Broadway Master Group Sessions will take place.

* Broadway Master Q and A sessions will take place.

4:45pm – 5pm

Prompt and Monitored Dismissal will take place..

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